My toe hurts.

I spent most of the day in my car, which seems to be the case more often than not. School was the usual. Dissected some more of “Fran” in Anatomy class; we’re looking at the muscular system these days. I was without a pair of latex gloves, so I volunteered to do the writing instead of the cutting.

Had to remove numerous pieces of thyroid glands and parathyroid stuff in order to get a good look at the sternomastoid and cleidomastoid. Fran is exceedingly obese, and I believe her numerous and large thyroid glands might have ruined her metabolism. I don’t understand why rats have to have more muscles than humans – it makes it so much harder on the students, since we’re more apt to be dissecting rats and therefore being tested on their muscle structure. For example, the rat has three separate muscles ending in "____trapezius," which is just one large muscle in the human. Same with the pectoral area, and the deltoids. Sigh.

Band was boring as always. We have a concert on Thursday, which no one is prepared for. That’s what happens when all the section leaders are sophomores.

I’m bitter.

Went to Burger King for lunch again. I was the chauffeur, as is usually the case, for an obvious reason: I have good taste in music. Or at least a unique taste. Some people aren’t very fond of my listening preferences, although almost anyone can laugh along with the sheer stupidity of most of them. We listed to Molotov while cruising the parking lot. Smooth. Too bad I don’t speak Spanish and can’t understand a word they say on that CD. But that’s the whole entertainment factor in a nutshell.

Took a nap when I got home around 12:30, woke up at ten till three and swore something awful when I remembered I had to get to Hope in less than ten minutes. It’s an eleven minute drive when speeding, and I try my best not to temp fate by going too fast all the time. But I made it to class just as the clock tower was finishing it’s third toll. Good puntos.

Back at home. Nothing. Watched some news on the elections, but it made me too antsy. I get sympathy-nerves for the candidates, I guess. Pathetic.