A former foreign minister of the USSR, Vyacheslav Molotov is widely known for having a cheap gasoline bomb named after him.

A Mexican rap group having most of their lyrics in slang Latin American, but have a few tracks featuring American English and a mixture of the two. From their (AFAIK) debut CD - ¿Dónde jugarán las niñas?, the two most acknowledged tracks are Voto Latino, and Gimme tha Power. Quite a lot of people and minorities feel offended by the very explicit lyrics of Molotov. Words like puto, cerdo, pendejo and the nice phrase Chinga tu Madre. Rumour has it that a large group of gays and lesbians once attended a concert in Valencia with their arms crossed all the way through the show. Scaaary.. (IMO - quite pathetic, as everything Molotov makes is to be taken quite lightly. Some people just can't take a joke).

Their first album´s title (Donde jugaran las niñas - Where will the girls play) is pulling the leg of another Mexican band, Maná, and their album Donde jugaran los niños - Where will the kids play.


Their second album shows more of their ability as a band and was produced by Mario Caldato, Jr., better known from his work with the Beastie Boys. It sounds more like Beastie Boys and Red Hot Chili Peppers with more diverse instrumentation.

Best tracks are Parásito, a straight funk'n'roller with nice lyrics about people who borrow money from everywhere just to have a good time and Undertow, more quiet with nice guitar and xylophone melodies.

There´s also a nice extra track with some band member trying to burp the album's title.


  1. No manches mi vida
  2. Karmara
  3. Polkas palabras
  4. Step off
  5. Apocalypshit
  6. ñero
  7. Kuleka's choice
  8. Rastaman-dita
  9. Parásito
  10. Undertow
  11. Exorsimio
  12. Let it roll
  13. El mundo

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