Let's see here... there ARE some words used in common English vernacular that are sort of abbreviated but still used as functioning words that end in V:

perv : Short for "pervert." As in "Don't be a perv, Bill. Put that back in your pants."

nav : Short for "navigation." Used often by graphic and web designers. As in, "So, Mike, what do you suggest we use for a nav menu? HTML or Flash?"

Bev : Short proper name for "Beverly." Often seen in Star Trek fiction (both canon and fanfic), in reference to Doctor Beverly Crusher.

Merv : Proper name of Merv Griffin. Dunno what it's short for, though- if anything. Probably Mervyn, according to a few MSG's that I've received so far.

Yugoslav : Short for Yugoslavia or Yugoslavic. Often heard in American news media- regardless of the fact that it's totally inappropriate use of grammar.

luv : Adaptation of the word "love." Often heard in reference to someone who is loved. As in, "Hello, luv. How are you today?"

I'm almost certain that there are more, but I can't think of any at the moment. All of the words mentioned above have been seen by myself in print at one time or another. Hope that helps.

In accordance with traditional Scrabble rules, we must omit proper nouns and abbreviations, since the number of those that end in "v" is potentially unlimited. However, that still leaves us with a pretty good selection. The following are culled from Merriam-Webster (www.m-w.com):

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