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Talking to my work colleagues, telling them that I got engaged yesterday, has shown me just how introverted some male engineers can be; Some just nodded as though I had told them I would be having a tooth filling, others told me I was insane and bonkers. Thankfully a small number have given the correct reaction at a time like this; enthusiastic congratulations and a hint that they want a wedding invitation! Still, I wonder at some people; are they so devoid of emotion or empathy for me that their only reaction is to grunt and nod? It's also tragically bemusing to see a manager's reaction to my news; their first thought is "Oh, she's American, when will dizzy be leaving for the US, and who will fill his position?"

A word of caution: Marriage is not a slashdot comment; there is no prize for first post, there are no prizes for rushing into things. If you're thinking that perhaps this person or that is perfect for you, and you've seen the massive, positive reaction that katyana and I have received here on E2, you may be tempted to move things further than the other person is prepared for. To the outside observer, our engagement seems fast, whimsical, unprepared. What they don't know is that our souls resonate together; we've shown our deepest fears to the other, only to have them calmed, quelled. We've shared our worst memories and worried that the other will hate us forever, only to have the other love us more deeply and trust us even more. We've realised that we really want to grow old, to see good and bad times together. We've thought deeply about this. This relationship is iceberg-like; you, dear reader, are only seeing the tip above the deep oceans below.

In other related news, I am telling my mother tonight - Wish me luck :-)