Wow. What an eventful day. Well if you want to start from the beginning, at 12 midnight this morning, I was at a party. The occasion was that it was my friend's boyfriend's birthday. I kinda felt like a tool not bringing a present, but I got invited a couple hours before, so I don't feel that bad.

I was feeling loopy. The party just happened to occur after I pulled my groin at fencing practice a couple hours before. I hate my coach, but that is an entirely different subject alltogether. Well anywho, remembering my experience with icy hot, I decided it was better to be on all kindsa painkillers, and I was giggly all night.

The party consisted of a bunch of cool people hanging out and doing hanging out type stuff. Five of us managed to weave ourselves comfortably together while we sat there and chilled to the Eurythmics, and later Kruder and Dorfmeister. I gave some good hand massages. We had a cake fight, after which everyone was covered in that caloric goodness that is icing.

After awhile, some people left, some went to sleep, some went to play Diablo II, and me and my friend Robin, decided to cuddle for no real reason. Cuddling is nice. After awhile, we began to have one of those conversations about life and personality and people, and all was good. It took some coaxing, but by 4:00 am, I was allowed to leave.

You see, normally, coming in at 4:00 am would cause a ruckus in my house. Whatever. I walk in, and my dad, the political guru that he is, is wired to CNN trying to find out if his dear, dear Al Gore has won. Whatever. I walked upstairs and crashed in my bed.

8:34. I woke up. What the shit? I look at my leg, and my groin is screaming "FUCK YOU" at me. *sigh* Rolled over. Sleep again. 11:38. Woke up again. I called my boss to say that I wouldn't be in to work today. He gave me some stuff to work on from home anyway. Finished that. I decided that sitting at my computer and playing with the Winamp Advanced Visualization Studio was far more fun than doing homework. I talked to a friend of mine, and decided to go hang out with him rather than go to fencing again.

We hung out on Pittsburgh's South Side. This place is interesting. The kind of shops you find on the the south side are body piercing studios, used cd shops, occult and wicca stores, you get the idea. Interesting place really. We went back home.

I called my friend Katie to see if she would be able to fix my dreadlocks. She picked me and a friend up, and we had to stop at her high school first so that she could pay a friend for some things for this weekend. I also got the chance to pay back some money that I owed. We left and went back to her house.

Now see, I just had a five day weekend from school, and I didn't quite have well...any of my homework done. So I had to sit there and write an essay about Edgar Allan Poe while Katie backcombed the hell out of my hair. We also got the chance to watch Dawson's Creek. Now, I would normally object to this, however the subject of the programme was raves and ecstasy. It was basically an annoying media rehash of Raves are bad...mmmmkay?. Apparrently the only electronic music in the universe of Dawson's Creek is the Chemical Brothers. Ooookkkkaaayyyy. After looking through her dad's entirely bizarre mp3 collection (how can someone have 4 copies of the same Marlene Dietrich song?}, she drove me home and here I sit.