That's right, you heard it here first! I'm sick of it, and that's all I'm gonna say. That and I voted for Ralph Nader

So Anyways, today goes well, I'm sitting here during the break in my photo class ( Art Studio 389.002: Digital Photography) (woo...) and like, the teacher is going on about web pages and basic HTML, so I got bored. I hate mac keyboards, they're too clickity clackity for a class. The teacher gets annoyed by my typing.

It was kinda funny, a few minutes ago he started talking about what kind of websites you can make. One example was a website where "you could have just words, and every word is linked to another page that has more words that are linked to and from even more pages of just text, and in effect create a form of digital poetry." I thought that was neat, it sounds a LOT like E2 don't it? I'll ask him if he knows about this site.

Oh what else to tell.
plans for today:
play pool
Work on photo project
go home
(note: I applogize, but note.. nowhere do I mention worrying about the election)

Anyways, I hope all my fellow noders out there have a good day also, ciao!