Aughhh what an infuriating election. I have the curious feeling of being buffeted about by an unseen wind. I'm no american citizen, but..

well, as my friend puts it, to paraphrase: god help us if bush gets in. the governer of the most polluted state suddenly in charge of the nation that makes or breaks almost every environmental treaty? god help the earth.

with such a close call, I guess it'll be a president walking on eggshells either way, but oy. I want gore to win. I remember in 1988 feeling the same for Michael Dukakis. I wanted the duke to win. Only I was 8 then and I didn't understand why I felt that way. Now I'm 20 and for the first time enfranchised in my own country, and oh wow.. I care about politics, don't I? What a strange revelation.

I'm voting NDP. libby davies, the MP in my riding, rocks the house. or at least, bothers to speak up about health care in the house.

Everyone is holding their breath in canada. Our own election is frozen in time. The cbc mumbles halfheartedly about some idiot thing Day said about abortion, but no one's listening.. yet.

I keep drifting off at work, staring in to my poppy pin. that's a canadian thing. I'm a canadian. that's how simple the world works, hey? hey..


Hee, dad just asked "So, if there's a tie, do they get a Gushing Bore in office?"