syn. fire hydrant, A high-pressure water outlet, installed for the purpose of firefighting.

Fireplugs are made of steel. They stand, cylindrical, about three feet tall and consist of one or two threaded openings, covered with caps. When the plug is needed, the caps are unscrewed and heavy hoses are threaded in their place. The valve that controls flow through the plug, is itself controlled by a bolt on the top. Often, water pressure from the main is simply not enough for the task at hand. In such cases, a pumper engine is used. A short hose runs from the fireplug to the truck, where the water pressure is given a boost, and sent on its way.

It is usually illegal to park in front of, or in any way obstruct access to a fireplug. Look for red or yellow painted strips on the curb or street. These indicate the prohibited zone.

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