eugh ... Im at school and it is ever increasingly boring by the second. I have been on e2 for about 3 and a half hours now. And it feels like an eternity. If I get up off this chair the room is going to spin round and I will become dizzy. I shall have to sit back down at the computer and think of something to do to releave myself. I have used all ten of my votes up. I have had to sit here and wait. Wait for dinner time to come. Wait for something to happen.
I wait all the time. all I ever seem to do is wait for nothing. I sit and wait yet nothing appears or happens that I am waiting for. It goes on and on in an eternal loop. I miss nine9 yet I have never met him. People walk around me reading what I am writing. I quickly change the window to reveal a website on Dijkstra's Algorithm. They see I am doing work and walk away, and i return to my home and continue typing the story of my life.

I get home after a long windy walk. The air was running through my recently cut hair. The windwhistling by the sides of my ears. I walk past the trees and they sway side to side. The cars rushing past me to their destinations. Yet I walk slow, nothing bothering me as I am prowd. Prowd to be in love, prowd for the good part of the life that I have.
I walk over the Duel Carrageway the cars rushing beneath me. The sound they make as they dissapear underneath the bridge.I look up to the other side to see them reappear and make a noise once more.
I walk down, over the railway bridge where the train sounds its horn, not disturbing me ... as I walk proud. Proud past the fields, proud past the cars that fly past me, scaring a rabbit that has trapped itself between some water and the road. Does it dare to take the path across the road. Or does it take the chance, does it wait for the water to move, will it sink and the rabbit can live on?. Or will it rise, grasping the animal in its tendrils and pulling it beneath the surface. The last car flies past and the rabbit scurries across the road and into one of its tunnels. I carry on toward my home, slip off my shoes that had wrapped themselves around my feet for the past 7 hours. Grab a drink, and sink slowly into the large comfy chair infront of the television.