An interesting day. School was hell. I fell asleep in a class I normally love. I'm not feeling as comfortable as I'd like to about my grades or learning status in basically any classes right now.

Just after school I met up with my boyfriend. He casually mentions that a certain girl is really pissed at him. He doesn't go into much detail before running off for his ride home. I get a ride with a guy friend and said girl. Evidently, my oh-so-mature boyfriend took a dare and pulled this girl's skirt up or down (I don't know which) and exposed her ass to a ton of guys at lunch.

I didn't know how to take this. I was angry that he would disrespect and embarass her so horribly. I feel awful for her. There's also an element of unfaithfulness, though. If he wants to look at other girl's asses and harass them, he can do that without me.

So I talked to him. Evidently, he only meant it as a joke and thought she would put her hands down and stop him. He didn't mean to actually do it. He apologized profusely to me, and to her. He's still not my favorite person right now, but I'll be over this.

On another note, I made a gingerbread house tonight. I was with a group of girls, many younger than myself. My intelligent friend and I thought of cool geometric shapes to make ours into. Mine was a hexagon. It had been some time since I had last done this sort of project, and I found it surprisingly enjoyable.