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11:50 GMT

Isn't it just grin-inducingly wonderful when you get an unexpected phonecall from your beloved? :-)

Hum, Hum. I have been given the task of maintaining our myriad webservers and sites. Most of these are internal, with one external site (no, I won't tell you the url, cos it would get hacked; it's a windows 2000 server and poorly secured right now...) So, this morning I have been refreshing all my stored web site development knowledge. (hence the dreamweaver node) It's funny looking back and seeing all the things I have accomplished; normally I view my time here at Sony as rather unproductive. But, here is the project website I designed 2 years ago, and here is the department homepage I designed 3 years ago which still looks quite nice.

I'm also reviewing all the different things I have accomplished on PhotoShop; why, oh why did I leave you alone, you wonderful piece of software? Seeing the old images I drew for the DVD authoring project, all the conceptual diagrams and mock DVD menus, seeing all these things makes me proud and warm. You know what? I did stuff. I'm proud to say that I have some artistic ability, something that seems to be very rare among developers and techie types. It's a pity that PhotoShop experts aren't paid as much as perhaps they should be, but if I can get a job where I am doing graphical work as well as web development and programming... Hmmm...

It's getting to the point where I am seriously considering removing Linux from my main work PC (I use it for email only) and install windows 2000. This would allow me to use ICQ, Photoshop, Winamp, DreamWeaver and all the other nice windows apps that I am missing out on... But of course, if I did that I would catch hell from the linux advocates/zealots, both inside work and without. I shall have to consider carefully. I also have to find a way of transferring my 4 gigs of MP3s from ReiserFS to NTFS.

12:45 GMT

Well, the rush is on. The Staff sales Playstation 2s have arrived and all the people who ordered one are beginning to queue for them. What's grimly amusing is the fact that I could have bought one for 250 pounds and sold it on for 600 pounds. An easy 350 quid profit slipped through my fingers... :-( Ah well, at least I won't have the temptation to spend loads of cash on controllers, memory cards and games :-)

15:00 GMT

Andy's new baby, Hannah was misdiagnosed with cataracts yesterday. 3 doctors couldn't get the red eye response which is apparently a test to see if the lens of the eye is letting in light. Andy and Yoko spent a sleepless night praying for a miracle and their prayer was answered when the senior ophthalmologist told them that their new baby wouldn't be blind or have deficient sight; Hannah doesn't have any eye defects. It seems that her asian heritage makes the red eye diagnosis difficult. I couldn't begin to imagine how Andy and Yoko were feeling last night; they had been told their baby's eyes would have to be operated on. Andy told me this experience has grown him considerably; I sincerely hope I don't have to have that kind of experience. I hope that if something like that were to happen to one of mine and Dana's children, then we would be strong enough to cope with the emotional trauma that would come with that amount of worry.