I got to work today, it wasn't so bad. I worked with her, the "bitch", and I didn't say one kind word to her the whole time. It was funny though, she had a "love note" from him, and she was flaunting it around like she thought I would care. It doens't matter to me, I have the power to destroy her at any given time, so little inflections on my ego are relatively harmless. I worked with little lost star as well, she's cool. I'm glad I've gotten to know her recently.

I tried to put out a newspaper today as well. I hate being a news editor, it is so boring, and the staff writer's articles are atrocious. We had to stay at lay-out until 11:00 tonight, and then I couldn't leave because my car is locked on the school campus. My poor car, parked somewhere on the campus, not in my driveway. It is irritating that I will not have a ride to school tomorrow.

I got in an argument with him today, over something misunderstood. My friend Michelle told me some things that he denies, same old story. I'm so tired of his shit, I have to let go. I finally realize that the fact that he is with her disgusts me, and he doesn't appreciate me. It is an epiphany, I haven't had the slightest clue for over two months. So refreshing to be in control of my emotions again.

When I finally got home, I checked my messages. I got a call from Denny's, a restaurant that I applied to work at, and they want me for a second interview. I've been trying to get out of that infernal wasteland of nutrition called McDonald's for over a year now, and now I might have a chance. He doesn't work there anymore, so it's just not the same.

I hope that I can get away, anything will be better. Of course, if I end up getting a job there I will have to change some plans I had regarding the demise of him and her, since I will never see either of them outside of school ever again. It would be so much fun to keep antagonizing her at work, but I need to grow up.