Big day, started in Sydney. Presented our project 0.99 to all the bigwigs and finance people, over 90 mins, and survived. I think me and my team have been playing the right cards over the past week -- "no more frickin' changes or you're never likely to see this thing". Flew back to Canberra this pm, went straight to a SAGE-AU meeing to hear all about the new TransACT metropolitan broadband cloud that's rolling out here at the moment. 55Mb VDSL to your home. Yeah, baby.

My spectactles are amazing. Just watching some telly last night and looking at a PowerPoint preso tonight, I can hardly believe how blurry my eyesight had become. My optometrist says that most computer folks get slammed eyesight eventually. I bought her a great big bunch of flowers to thank her for getting me into these things so gently and deftly.

The air on the way home from SAGE tonight was filled with the scent of jasmine. Summer evenings are so livable here. Gemma made me a fantastic salad with crispy bits of German bacon and fresh chilli.

2 Everything Development Company shirts were waiting for me when I got in -- "Drugs" and "Nodespotting". They look great...

Word from sensei tonight: he has a flu but is warm and undoubtedly being taken care of. He is much loved.