I ended up with a little cold (well, little enough to make me skip the first day back after Thanksgiving vacation) so I have been absent from E2 for the last couple of days. I decided to chill at home and actually get better instead of dosing myself up on Dayquil and staggering through a week only to get even more sick.

I think that election media circus is going to have a very adverse effect on the average American's interest in politics. People want to win or lose and have the game (honestly, can you not think of the American system of election based on both electoral votes and campaigning as a game?) over with. Although this is probably hyperbole this election may have the chilling effect that Watergate had on the public interest in what actually goes down in Washington. What makes it worse is that there is no scandal per se, only endless legal wrangling. I probably won't be the first American to stand up and say this but:

I am beyond the point of caring anymore.

Put whichever idiot you want in office. With Congress stacked the way that it is and such a narrow margin of victory centrist populism is going to become the dominant force in politics anyhow.

Yeah, so, I probably do *care* but I'm tired of talking about it especially to rabid Gore supporters who want to string me up for voting for Nader. Sheesh.

BTW, all this bullshit about the internet solving all of our problems with inconsistent voting procedure that keeps spewing out of every geek news source is really short sighted. If people really can't deal with a simple concept like punching holes in a card then obviously a GUI isn't really going to help that much no matter how ingeniously designed. It also makes me think of literacy tests and the "privilege" of voting....

Uh, ok... so I've been reading a few theory books on both Sociology and Social Psychology so expect a slew of nodes about related subjects in the days to come. I really, really need a new modem so I can node at home. Sigh.