There was a bit of a predicament today with two of my friends at uni - namely, one told the other last night, in a text message that he had a bit of a thing for her. He ws drunk at the time. He very much regretted it this morning. They avoided each other all day.

Tricky, because me and some other folks usually hang out with them, and now there's a bit of a rift.

14.15 gmt

My classes over for the day, I headed down to the beer bar to see if I could find some people I knew. I did. Plus some I didn't, a rather cute lass, presumably a classmate of Dave's. We weren't introduced, but she did give me a particularly evil look as a bit of a joke when I threatened to steal her seat..

15.15 gmt

The univesity's radio station, Subcity, is starting soon - they just have a licence for a month, but like to recruit lots of volunteer DJ's. And they want demo tapes. I have no clue how to go about putting one together, so emailed a presenter at Clyde 1, our local commercial radio station, and got a reply back (yesterday) asking me to call the office after her show that day. But I was at uni all yesterday, so tried calling today. And she'd left, fifteen minutes after the end of her show. Oopsie..

16.00 gmt

I walked down to the dentist's, in the rain, for a check-up. It was nice rain, since it was pretty mild out. I didn't mind too much. What worried me a little was the fact that the dentist did not comment on the fact that my braces had been removed (by the orthodontist) since I saw him last. He didn't mention it. Just scraped around for a bit before telling me to brush my teeth a bit better, and sending me out.

I'm very glad I don't have to pay for these check-ups..