No, yesturday's bitterness about good 'ol Gee-Dubya being elected has not since passed. I am still I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!

I also decided today would be the Monday I would start my annual "post-Thanksgiving Diet-a-thon" until I loose the weight I put on since the Minnesotan Summer has drawn to a close. I won't stop dieting until I look just like those male know: the ones with the six-pack stomachs and the lips parted just so. If I ever look like that, I guarantee a negative effect on my noding libido.

After waking up upset, I went to school. School went like it usually does: walk, sit, listen, talk, walk sit, listen, talk...until it was time to work.

At work somebody was sitting in MY chair, and it wasn't me. I read some more boring literature until he left. Damn California people...thinking they are better than us! All of the knowledge I soaked up came out in the form of technical ("informational") nodes.

I just finished a plate of supermarket sushi, now I am going to go home and do schoolwork until I must sleep. When does the fun ever start? Oh yeah, this is fun.