Had to get up in the morning at 6:30 to get to work at 7:30. But first I went to my moms work and got money for a Papa Roach ticket for tonight. I was at work until 9:15 and left to buy my ticket. I bought my ticket and headed to school.

Got to school early and sat outside the classroom with my head on my lap. And just as I was about to fall asleep my friend Rosalie taps my foot with hers. I was startled and looked up to her smile and question, "What are you doing?" I told her I was sleeping and she said, "Well wake up!" We talked for a little while about the concert and how she didn't want to waste her money.

Class started and we went inside to sit down. The professor told us that we needed Blue Books for our departmental exam. So Rosalie and I left to get one, we went to her car first because she had left hers there. We went to the cafeteria and I was about to buy a set of two Blue Books when a friend of mine just gave me his extra. We walked back to class and I was giving the professor my Blue Book and she said to hold on to it. Rosalie called me stupid because everyone else had their Blue Book out on their desk. I hadn't seen that. We got our folders back which I thought was going to be at best an 80 and turned out to be a 94. See I had put together my folder the day it was due in the time of class and Rosalie, who got the same grade, was organized throughout the whole semester. I laughed at her but not too much, I didn't want her to feel bad.

Class ended and I went to find my friend to go home, me taking him that is. I found him and we left to my house to eat. We watched about an hour of Face-Off and I had to take him home so he could go to work. I went home again and got online to node about yesterday, I did and then I talked to a friend of mine, clearpebbles. She was unable to pick me up for the concert later so we devised a plan of me meeting her at Pan Am no later than 6. I left to work.

Work was as it always is, boring. I work with 7th and 8th grade students who have mouths like gangsta rappers. I can't stand the way they talk sometimes so I yell at them to stop, which I know I shouldn't, but oh well. Work ended and I headed home to get ready for the concert.

I left for Pan Am and got there 30 minutes before clearpebbles and I were supposed to meet. I sat on a bench outside in the wind while watching people pass by. I really enjoyed that but had to see what time it was. I headed towards my car and saw that it was five more minutes until we were meeting. I walked back to the bench and as I was getting there, clearpebbles and redboot walked out with a friend of theirs, Sergio. We left for the concert.

Clearpebbles driving in her car and me driving in mine we headed out. Somewhere along the way a buggy passed by and clearpebbles started to reverse in front of me. We were at a stop light and as she reversed I moved forward until we were about an inch apart. The light turned green and we headed on. We got there and saw the long line, we waited for about 3 minutes and decided to go and get something to drink. We talked about midgets and how I saw one this past Friday, clearpebbles was jealous because she has some fetish with them.

We went back to the concert with our drinks and waited in the LONG line. We talked about noding about cigarette lighter instructions that we could not get to. The paper said, "Peel here for instructions" and dumb redboot pulled the whole thing, instructions and all. We spent about 30 minutes trying to pry the instructions free, we had no luck in doing so. We finally got in and got towards the front of the stage.

Concert started with Sought-Out (? I'm not too sure of the name). Clearpebbles and redboot sought off to be more in the front. I stayed with Sergio and then later decided to go. I saw there was only one way to where they were at, and that was through the moshpit.

Bad descision on my part to go through it but I did. I was pushed into the moshpit and was trying to get out and got pushed again, only this time I fell right on my butt. I was quickly brought to my feet by 5 people, thanks you!! I was pissed off and I put my orange beanie back on. I finally got to clearpebbles and reboot, we stayed together the rest of the concert. How did I find them? The three of us wear orange beanies to distinguish ourselves at school and really anywhere else. Clearpebbles' beanie was taken off her head by a crowd surfer so she ripped off his necklace. Near the end of the show her beanie was thrown onstage and we got it back. I got hit in the head about 9 times by crowd surfers and was kicked in the face by one. I have a bruise now on the right side of my face.

Papa Roach put on a real good show and I enjoyed the enthusiasm of their performance. The singer even jumped into the crowd about 3 times. After the concert we grouped up and went to the back for autographs. A group of other people had locked the keys in their van and redboot was trying ot help, he ended up being of no use, at least he tried right? After we had the guitarists signature for the opening band we went to talk and I had lost my ticket. They got more autographs from the opening band and we waited on people from Papa Roach to come out. The guitarist came out first and I handed him my beanie. He asked, "How the hell am I supposed to sign this?" He did anyways, backwards. The drummer came out next and I handed him my beanie and he said the exact same thing as the guitarist. Clearpebbles made the comment, "Just put an X on it." So he did and I glared at her for saying that. I didn't really care though. We talked for a little bit more and I came home to write this lovely node.