Well today was a swell day, not really again I did not have my car. My good old trusty 1968 chevy Impala yea dam car mabey I should trade it in for a new one mabey a 69 na dont like the body. yea I have just finished having the one meal a day that I have. well I had no money so my friend clearpebbles spotted the cash we had 2 BK chicken sandwiches for 99 cents each. Thats a good deal for starving college students. I should be in my english 1301 class but I decided to skip I missed e2. All and all this day has been great I have spent time with the one I like (but doesnt like me back) I love it when my car breaks down because I am useless and have to bumb rides but that also sucks. Well thats about it my day.