1...2...3...What the fuck!?! Lemme tell you a story. We live in a little city, Richmond - in BC, Canada. Few months
ago my dad bought a computer in store called Addax (also in Richmond). Since then (february) my dad's harddrive has
been crashing every 2 months(that's 4 harddrives so far!!!!). That's why I say what the fuck!.
Now we came there today during lunch to get the hard drive replaced. I also asked them to replace the mobo. But they said - you guessed it right - no. Incredible. I asked them why. "Well", they said, "we checked it, and it's allright". uh,
! No fuckin' way in hell! A recurring failure every two months?
Can someone say there's something fishy about this? And they are not fixing anything!! Soon the warranty will run out
and we'll have to send the hd to the manufacturer, which means that my dad will be without harrdrive for months.
What the fuck!?argh. i'm pretty pissed off. i'm trying to figure out how to bitch slap them now. all the components are under warranty too. any suggestions will be appreciated.

The moral of the story: don't trade your sanity and the quality of your hardware for meesly 20 bucks!!!


welp. there were some good things about today tho. i got to see Z(that's good). that doesn't happen a lot anymore(that sux). Oh well. I won't let that get to me - you hear!! :). >Goddamn. you know what? i still can't believe you make me feel this way.don't ask me how, but i dont normally feel like that. every time i see you. you butt. bleh to u..dang dang dang. do you think i'm goin insane? i probably am since im talkin to you this way...you so weird!! m
e so weird..stop reading my nodes!