Well here I am again...

Well, I'm on E2, again. I'm always finding excuses to be on it. I've almost ended a date early so I could go use the rest of my votes before the server reset. I'm beginning to think I'm an Everything2 addict. I don't write many writeups, so it's kinda wierd. I mean... I sit here... and read and read and read...... Is this normal? My school (Etiwanda High) has a SSR reading period, and I actually sit on E2 and read for the 20 min period. I don't read books anymore.

Well... that's the past... here's the the present.

Another boring day in the not-so-famous life of Aaron Nichols. Got my class ring a few days ago (fun stuff.). It's nice. 'Ruby' jem. White gold. An eagle on one side with a computer on the other.

Last night was interesting in Computer Networking... listened in on some computer mumbo-jumbo between Sam and Kelly (better known as Eraser_). Chit-chatting about the no math co-processor in the Celerons again. I'm understanding it more now... I hope they teach me alot of computer stuff.

Hot topic last night... Which would you have: a PIII or Celeron 500?
Kelly's arguement: So what if it has no math CO-... over clocking is the best... now where did I put that pelter (walked into the corner and piffles around.).
Sam's arguement:I agree... but it's pelters. To get to 900Mhz.... it's gunna need a lot of cooling!

Hum.... then there was a talk about video compression, and there were other talks... but hell if I can remember. I don't remember what I don't understand.

That could be a problem...