I flew to Singapore yesterday. En route back to Kluang, my hometown in Malaysia.

The airplane I took was a Boeing 777, run by Singapore Airlines. Good airline, that one. Has personal entertainment screens for everyone, even those in economy class, with a choice of 20 video channels, 12 audio channels and a supposedly interactive system as well. For me, the video and audio worked fine but the interactive system crashed on me a few times. I wonder if it runs on Windows?

Thanks to the screens embedded in the back of every seat, I managed to catch bits of The Perfect Storm (didn't like it very much), Hollow Man, X-Men (seen it before but not bad to flip through it again) and that BBC series about dinosaurs. There was also What Lies Beneath, the Abyss and a few other things on (news, comedy, cartoons, sport) but I didn't have enough time for that.

Airline food is improving. There actually was ice-cream served during the flight as a dessert to lunch. Strawberry. Yummy.

While I'm here in Singapore, I'm looking for a new computer system for my parents to use back home. Hoping to replace the aging Pentium 100 system with something like a sub S$1000 700Mhz Celeron or equivalent system.

For those who are interested, a really good use of the Palm (or other handheld system) is as a star chart. The night before I left, I was at the Gap in Sydney with one back-illuminated Palm Vx, one Planetarium program and one suitably impressed and happy girl. :-)