i painted last night, i haven't in a while. i like what turned out. it's interesting. mebbe i'll take a picture of it, and mebbe i won't.

tonight i am to have dinner with my sister. we will be introducing cozmo to phoebe (her border collie). i think they will get along famously. it will be nice for cozmo to have someone to beat up on that isn't 1/4 his size (my cat loves to play hide and seek, but cozmo gets too rough with her after a bit).

i think i will paint more tonight after i get home from my sisters'. i found some small canvasses and i'll see what i can put on them. if nothing wants to show up, then i'll see what i can do on larger canvasses. the larger canvasses are already painted, but they suck so i'll paint over them. i need more paint though. i really had to stretch out my colours last night. and i couldn't find green (dammit, i know i had a tube of green), so i had to make some (which ultimately worked out better).

my kalanchoe is blooming yet again. even after a very severe haircut. Also, I gave the mini roses a hard prune and it's got leaves coming out all over the place. the roses have black spot, and i wanted to prune anyway... so i removed most of the foliage, left the plants for a few days to encourage new bud growth, then cut back some of the long spindly branches. this really isn't necessary for mini's, you can leave them be and they tend to grow well and bushy -- but i'm anal. i want my minis to have branches which mimic the ideals of a large rose bush -- that means lots of branching so the plant is bushier. well, let me move my talk of mini roses over into a new, and more useful, location: miniature roses.
more mundane my-life-shit-that-no-one-ever-reads later, as it occurs...
it's just after noon right now and it's shaping up into an interesting day. today, the CEO officially resigned. this is fabulous news. he'd been running the place poorly. i'll leave it at that. i should've guessed that was coming given that the all-hands meeting where they announced it was called by our CFO who will be taking over the position of CEO. also, the fact that she was moving into his office shoulda been a hint, but i'm a bit dull sometimes.

finally ordered a ring for mom for christmas. she'd requested a mother's ring and so i got one. i decided on only getting two stones (one for me, one for my sis) instead of three (which would have included mom's birthstone) because while opal and amethyst look neat together, opal, amethyst and ruby really would look weird... red clear ruby in the middle, purple clear amethyst on the right and then milky white opaque opal on the left. didn't look right, so i left out the ruby. it saved a few bucks (which i really wouldn't have minded spending). i could have gone for pink tourmaline instead of opal-- but to me, opal is my birthstone, not tourmaline. i really like opal and as such it would be important to my mother to get opal.

in terms of christmas, i've tackled mom and dad. still left are:
  1. grandma
  2. jenn - sister
  3. chris - brother in-law
  4. craig - boyfriend
i know what i'm going to get/make for grandma, it's just a matter of sitting down and actually doing it. jenn wants a blender and something else i can't quite remember. i'll have to ask her again. chris is a pain to shop for. you can't get him clothes, jewellery, or watches, he's terribly picky. i could get him a computer game, but i always kinda feel like that's mean to my sis, takes her husbands' time away from her. i could go for a gift certificate to best buy but that's so impersonal. we'll see how that goes. craig is an absolute impossibility. whatever he wants, he buys himself. so finding appropriate gifts is difficult. he also has expensive tastes, and i am loathe to spend $200 for a tie (which is the only piece of clothing that i could afford to buy him given his preferences). oi. holiday shopping makes me nuts. not that i wasn't already, but more so.