Finland Metanode

originally Created on Wed Jul 12 2000 at 14:57:58 UTC
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This used to be Finland Metanode, until the management decided to get rid of redundancy in the names. But while the node title might have changed, this list still features everything Finnish including that penguin guy, those strange steamy rooms and the famous foul-tasting liquid!

This list currently features 429 nodes with contributions from 157 noders*.
* Not counting completely unrelated writeups like most of the ones in Boycott.

Last updated: October 12, 2002
(added Kauhava)

/Msg me for anything I have missed, except for language-only-related nodes which belong to WWWWolf's writeup in Finnish.


Cities / Towns / Places
People / Groups
Computers / Internet
Media / Publications / Artwork
Misc. Companies / Businesses / Organizations
Cuisine / Comestibles
Do you know something Finnish that deserves to be noded, but don't feel like the right person for the job? /msg me.
Thanks to vuo for the idea!