Finnish Air Force was founded at 6th March 1918 when first plane, Thulin D, was donated by Swedish count Von Rosen.
Since then there have been over 150 different plane and helicopter type, i.e. German Bf-109 and Soviet Mi-4, in various tasks including air defence, reconnaisance, fire fighting etc.

At the moment FAF is using (classified) (classified) fighterplanes for defending Finnish skies and (classified) helicopters for troop transport etc.

Some small comments about emblems...

The original emblem of Finnish Air Force is a blue swastika on white circle. This was von Rosen's choice, his personal luck symbol.

However, after the WWII the symbol was changed to blue open circle on top of white circle, obviously because people started to associate swastikas with nazis.

The swastika can still, however, be seen on the emblems of some FAF units.

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