A music group in Finland which did some recordings during the 60s. The group seems to be very much in love with communism and stalinism. "Meri" means sea and "pioneeri" engineer (the one in combat) so the name roughly translates to Sea Engineers.

A couple of their records (names translated freely from Finnish):
- Uncle Lenin lives in Russia
- Birds of Vietnam sleep
- We want to live in this country
- Who murdered the birds of Vietnam?
- Leave now, Americans!
- Accomplishments of western military science
- A story of a little hero

BTW. Meripioneerit really was doing this music VERY seriously. That's very hard to belive if you have heard Uncle Lenin lives in Russia, which is naive on purpose, but I'd think that they really seem to belive that the US is the worst thing in the world and only the Soviet Union can save us.

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