A small mountain located in Savukoski, Finnish Lapland. The name literally translates to Ear Fell *.

Geographically speaking, Korvatunturi is not particularily interesting. With an approximate height of half-a-kilometer, the mountain is closer to a regular hill than Mount Everest. Korvatunturi can be found right on the Finnish-Russian border, which divides its three peaks. Getting to see the place isn't that easy, since there isn't much of an infrastructure in such a remote spot. During winter a snowmobile is probably the fastest and most practical way of reaching the fell.
Despite its name, the mound doesn't resemble an ear at all.

So, what makes a tiny hill located in the middle of nowhere worth noding?

Korvatunturi is well known because it is the humble home of Santa Claus, or Joulupukki as we Finns call him. Supposedly the mountain is hollow and its insides host a gigantic complex containing the famous workshop and residental facilities for both Santa and his elves. Unfortunately they are the only ones allowed to enter the mountain, and no normal human has ever witnessed the things that go on inside.
Some disbelievers claim the whole Santa-Claus-living-inside-Korvatunturi -thing was invented by the legendary Finnish radio personality Markus-Setä (Uncle Markus) in 1927. But we all know that he was just chosen as the first official spokesperson by Father Christmas himself. :)

If you'd like to reach Mr. Claus for his side of the story, I'm happy to inform he can receive regular mail to his lair.
Just use the following address:

    Santa Claus
    FIN 98800

* Fell as in "rocky, barren mountain". Not as in "Damn, my ear fell off again."

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