A big (1) ISP / GSM operator / new media company. Based in Finland, desperately trying to go global.

The story of this wannabe-behemoth started in 1998 with the merging of 3 major Finnish ISPs: Nettilinja, DLC and Scifi Communications International. The new company went by the name of DNS Finland for approximately 2 seconds - enough to get one ad using the old DLC logo with the new name published in several computer magazines - and then changed it into Saunalahden Serveri.

"Saunalahden Serveri? What the hell does that mean?"
Freely translated: "The Server of Sauna Bay". Don't worry, it doesn't make any sense to us Finns either. A friend of mine was working at the company at the time of the name-changing operation, and told me the big secret ahead of time. Take a guess on whether I believed him or not until I saw the official press release.

The company went by this name for a long while, although switching to the shorter (and less ridiculous) form Saunalahti. They soon started expanding their business from plain-old-ISP-stuff to portals and other trendy things. A while ago they even became one of the few Finnish GSM operators.

At this point one of the suits must've noticed the company's name was getting too serious and respectable.

Enter Jippii Group.

The brand name Jippii! had been used previously in some products, and apparently gained a positive reputation in foreign countries. Probably because they don't understand how incredibly lame it is. Jippii! is basically Yahoo! in the Finnish language. And guess where they ripped off the logo from. (2)

Why all the fuss about the company's constant name-switching? Well, that seems to be pretty much the only thing you hear about them nowadays. Most likely I'll be requesting a node title change in a month or two, after the firm decides a name like Aajee Posse is more fashionable and brings in more $$$. Time will tell if self-advertising the brand-nonsense and mobile portals will save them from getting their asses kicked in the stock market.

Finnish ISPs assimilated into Jippii:

  • Atlas Internet
  • ClariNet
  • Dystopia
  • Icenet
  • Internet Connections Finland
  • Netlife
  • Netti Finland
  • Nettihansa
  • NIC Tietoverkot
  • Q-Net
  • WW NET Finland

    (1) Big by Finnish standards, that is.
    (2) The Saunalahti logo was a beacon on some rocks. The rocks were later found out to be copied directly from some other company. But that was the work of an ad agency, not Jippii itself.

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