In Nokia cellphones (and probably in many other GSM phones as well), an operator logo is, as name implies, a logo that appears on the screen of the phone when the phone isn't used, and is usually by default used for the network operator's logo.

Naturally, operator's ego is not the only thing that can creep on the screen. At least in Finland, the cellphone operators offer a wide variety of logos and ringtunes. Many other companies also offer these services, probably some even specialize on them... The logos are ordered with a SMS message (in Finland the price is around 5 FIM).

These were sort of a mad craze at one time. Their popularity is understandable - everyone wants a cellphone that looks and sounds different from others - but otherwise the business is sort of strange. It's hard to understand that some people make millions with small 2-color pictures...

(I'll also be surprised if I find a teen homepage that doesn't have links to ringtunez and logoz. =)

A friend of mine - tigert - made an operator logo for me specifically. Available from Saunalahti, under titles "susi" and "susi2" =)

Operator logos on nokia phones are 72 x 14 pixels in 1bit (two colour) format. Resolution is naturally very low however I have made an initial attempt at creating an Everything2 operator logo that tries to mimic the Jukka E2 logo that we have grown to love. I shall gladly send this to any user who /msgs me with a request, naturally including mobile phone number and country code.

I currently have [dwardu] on mine. If that strikes you as a particularly innovative logo just request your username to be used as a logo. Please keep the size restrictions in mind. A long username might be rather illegible at such a low resolution.
Update 27/11/2001 : For some reason I am unable to send SMS from my PC via my mobile phone so this service will be temporarily interrupted. Please excuse [dwardu] Inc. for the inconvenience.

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