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Malta's most respected Drug Dealers.
My candle burns at both ends and shall not last the night, but while it lasts I love the light. (Millay)
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Welcome to my homenode, fair noder. I have pissed in all the corners of this little patch of personal space although you probably can't smell it from wherever you are. I have also put up bookshelves all along one wall and filled the shelves with books I've read, ones I intend reading, and print-outs of my favourite nodes. There is a leather couch, the leather is a deep blood red and is worn out and frayed, but still smells of leather whenever I sit back comfortably. You probably can't smell that either. The wall behind me is painted a deep, night-sky, blue and there is nothing hanging and no furniture covering any of it. It is one solid wall of blue from floor to ceiling, with the couch I'm sitting on in the exact centre. Strains of a horn are all that can be identified at the volume that some early bebop is playing on an old hi-fi, tube-amp glowing eerily in it's darkened corner. You can't hear that either.

Update : I've cleaned up the piss because it annoyed my puppy.

Ed in Real Life, born 22/02/1977 in Malta. Send him mail for no reason, edma23 at gmail dot com< /p>

Certain noders have an amazing ability to make E2 more welcoming. This is all good food.

Node your beer
This deserves a mention too.

Dwardu finally learns that "A node is for life, not just for Christmas".("A dog is for life, not just for Christmas" is the slogan that the local SPCA use over the holiday season)

Blessed is the student, who like a river, completes his course without ever leaving his bed.

The Webster 1913 Un-Everything Project

Unphilosophize +
Unriddler #
* = Thanks to DyRE
+ = Thanks to Oolong(man?)
# = Thanks to StrawberryFrog

Nodes Conspicuous in their absence:

Your favourite band sucks.


The pre formatted list that I had shamelessly stolen from amnesiac was getting unwieldy and plain ugly. I've decided to replace that with the current contents of my CD-player and car CD-changer. They are the most up to date reflection of the music I happen to be listening to.

At Home
Milestones - Miles Davis
Sadly branded portable media player

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