Jyrki is a Music TV program for the "younger generation" that is being shown in Finland, on MTV3.

It's the Finnish version of MuchMusic, apparently they also get most of the material from there. They even have similiar logo.

Not bad in itself (aside of being something that grown up people don't generally consider worthwile watching - cynics might call it a "simple program for simple people"), but thanks to their notorious chat service on the home page (http://www.jyrki.com/) it has managed to raise discussion on even among those who don't watch it... The chat service is sometimes called "Jerky chat".

Update: Jyrki is now history... MTV3 is using SubTV as the "channel for the youth", and music videos are shown on MTV3 on Bänd-X.

Jyrki used a rather bad music video voting system, I have to add (even when one is not supposed to speak bad things of the dead): The music videos could stay on the list for years. The music videos could go to "video heaven" after being on the top spot for certain time, but rest assured many dropped to 2nd rank just before this happened. Not to even mention the reported vote-inflation by the people in the show...

Jyrki also is a relativly common man's name in Finland, that seems to be notoriously hard to pronounse correctly for foreigners.

Famous Jyrkis include ex-Formula One driver Jyrki Järvilehto. As a Finn i should probably remember more famous Jyrkis, but my mind just went blank, so I'll (hopefully) add more later...

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