A troll in sfnet.atk.sodat. A very vigorous advocator of Windows and other superior Microsoft products. He uses very very well-thought-of arguments, such as that Linux kernel source code contains a lot of naughty words and that Linux has satan worshipping (Daemons, see?) in it. Bletch. He also often claims that all Linux users are gay (as if that'd prove anything).

It is not known if he's a real troll or just a fake one like Pelulamu. Just don't take him too seriously.

History-related updates:

Alas, he disappeared from Usenet in late 1999, but he now has a domain name of his own - just go to http://www.hupsik.com/ ... Strange, his page is in English, that's rather uncommon act of global hilarity assurance from a Finnish troll. Also, he recently confessed that there were three people writing his cruft to Usenet, one of them female - this kind of explains the ocassional split personality...

Summer 2000: Hupsik seems to have sent a few more messages, and his page is now at http://www.hupsik.net/. He also threatened to register sihvonen.org and redirect it ot hupsik.net... and did that. =)

Autumn 2000: Hupsik's web page went down, saying Hupsik had got a brain tumor from using Linux and died. Shortly after that, he returned to the Usenet as "exHupsik", this time on Linux' side! Thogh, trolling is still trolling, his stuff still sounds pretty lame compared to real debators...

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