The folks at MTV3 and TVTV! did it again...

After the highly popular TVTV! Chat system, they went and created another SMS-based "show" that sucks the money right from the clueless people's wallets.

It's a puzzle game, run on TVTV! sometimes outside the normal broadcast times.

Some people in E2 were demotivated by Codger's idea of playing Connect Four in E2. Now, I didn't had anything to say about its usefulness until I saw TVTV!'s amazing puzzle game. Hey, you haven't seen anything yet...

The idea is simple: A scrambled image appears on the screen, and players send their moves to the machine over SMS. If you move a correct piece to correct place, it's locked down (and it's not possible to move it, but I suspect they have no problems charging about such attempts...)

Now, count how many moves you need to unscramble 8x8 puzzle, and guess how many unsuccessful or mistaken moves that'll need. Multiply by 5 mk. A lot of money for MTV3.

They also introduced some much less silly games later on - such as crossword puzzles (at least those can be guessed more easily =)

Thank you, I'll rather play this sort of games on my computer - it's free, too. =)

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