Professor Yrjö Ahmavaara (1929, Oulu, Finland) is an exceptional scientist: He's mathematician, physician, econonomist, psychologist and well-known researcher in social sciencies. His driving force in science has been to find the exact base of social sciences; to make social sciences as neat and strict as mathematics. He also believes that once this has been done people could solve all their ethical and political problems rationally with the help of the new scientifical methods.

Ahmavaara is a ruthless social darwinist and thinks that new emerging of genes may "save" social sciences. Plurality and relativity are poison for our professor. A society is a mathematical construction where only one truth holds: Ahmavaara's law.

It's kind of pity that principally a wise man like Ahmavaara is executed by Hume's guillotine: No logical inference could be drawn from what 'is' to what 'ought to be'.

Some books by mr Ahmavaara:

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