Super Luxus Lemmen Paketti by MFX
Winner of Elevator'00 demo compo

This show is built on top of a soothing soundtrack, whose throbbing bassdrums amplifies its hypnotizing effect. All the effects displayed here are rather lo-fi vectors (dots+lines) processed through 2d filters and distorded, removed, destroyed while moving in rythm with the soundtrack. You may notice also that the effects are randomized, making the demo always interesting to watch.

The phrase Super Luxus Lemmen Paketti is an absurd Finnish Internet meme, similar to the "All your base are belong to us" infection, if (fortunately) not quite as virulent.

But first, the background. Every few months, a booklet called Kuponkiuutiset ("Coupon News") is distributed to every household in Finland. This booklet consists purely of advertisements for mail-order companies, all hawking stuff like magical weight-loss pills, cheap cosmetics, Chinese watches, lingerie sets, "Book of the Month" club memberships, German porn videos, loans without collateral but 27,6% yearly interest, etc -- in short, pure spam. Despite the name, there are no coupons per se, just little prefilled order forms that you can cut out and pop in the mail.

And for as long as anyone can remember, a company called Molly has been advertising the same product: the legendary Super Luxus Lemmen Paketti. This means "Super Luxury Love Package", and if you think that sounds dorky in English, it's even worse in Finnish since the name contains at least three misspellings and/or grammatical errors. As of November 2001, the contents of the package are as follows:

...and while the items are worth over 600 FIM, it can all be yours for the low, low price of 199 FIM! As in AYB, the combination of hilariously awkward Finnish and the classy products involved have struck the collective funny bone of Finnish youth, so pretty much any X can now be praised (sarcastically or otherwise) as the Super Luxus X Paketti.

Now that Finland has joined the Internet revolution, you can also find Molly online at and admire their unique brand of Web design. (Tip: Take a look under Men's Clothes to find the inimitable Moose Strings, guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your date.)

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