ism, cool kat that he is, was all prepared for it or anything. He had the sharpies that made it all possible, and offered them up in the quiet and effortless manner he effected overall. The freebies at this free concert: Great Big Sea, Jeff Healey Band, the Tragically Hip, canadian flags, and beach balls. So we trapped the wild beach balls, and tagged them, then re-released them into their habitat.

The sun pounded on us, but we didn't die. We each had our toys: novalis his contact juggling crystal balls, my juggling balls, ism his yo-yos. If a yo-yo was a weapon, i would fear ism. The slogans we sent into the crowd: Canadians like noding too!, Eat the rich!, We're looking for a few good noders, Wouldn't you like to be a noder too? - all accompanied by the URL we all find so comfortingly familiar. We were spreading our favorite meme, and the one we knew we all had in common. We could watch them buffeted by Heineken-drinkers in khaki shorts, spreading to all corners of the concert. Fun.

We also learned that the crystal balls, though they told tempting futures of french fries and fingers, could burn holes in blankets if left in the sun. Whoda guessed? fuct swears he'll node ideath is a big fat liar, but i can't imagine why.

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