A diskmag is a publication of the demoscene that covers areas such as music, coding, literature, anarchy, and anything else that intrests demosceners. The worlds biggest active diskmag today is Hugi. Generally with a nice graphical interface and music, they are the ultimate resource for those intrested in the art of making demos.

Unlike real-world magazines, demoscene diskmags are free, so the editors and the writers don't get paid for their effort. As a result, the editors have often problems finding people willing to write high-quality articles for their next issue. Some editors resort to publishing fillers, others prefer quality over quantity.

Some topics that often come back in articles are:

  • News: which group released which demo, got new members, became active/inactive...
  • Demoparty reports and the results of the democompos.
  • How to code a certain demoeffect.
  • Why the scene is dying.
  • Reviews of recent demos, pictures or modules.
  • Interviews with famous sceners.
  • Opinion articles about why the latest trend in the scene (f.e. MP3s) is Good or Bad

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