See low-fi.

In addition to that definition, let me say this : lo-fi is a style or genre of music that was influenced by home recordings done on four-track machines. Musicians who decided they liked the noisy sound went on to make albums full of distortion and hiss.

See Pavement and Sebadoh for two of the leading lights of lo-fi.

lo-fi is a term denoting that which is intrinsically of a primitive, non-technological or sub-par nature. It is a broad term which is often used synonymously with techno peasant (i.e. "you burger flipping lo-fi") and in general has negative connotations (i.e. "stay away from there mang, they got nothing but lo-fi crap"). In a broader sense, that which is "lo-fi" is poorly thought out, shoddily implemented and lacks severley in execution. Not soley related to technology but more along the lines of being cheap or of low quality.

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