compo (n., abbr.) competition. something not mentioned in the other nodes is some specifics of music compos on IRC.

IRC music compos were popular in 1996 when, on efnet (now scenenet) #trax held 20mc's (twenty minute chip compos) run by amusic--you had twenty minutes to write a chip song. if you don't track, you might not know how little time that is. for some people today, that's barely enough time to even think of an idea and compose a drumline maybe. *sigh* back then, things was different, they shore was.

for awhile these compos died, being replaced by weekly compos, organized by one person and a web server. people on IRC from more than one server (efnet, scenenet, ircnet, whatever net). some of these compos you might remember as being 'the trackering' run by axl, 'cruelization compo' run by cruel creator, and 'groovy compo', run by yannis/mickrip.

i later revived/started the one-hour compo trend in the summer of 1997 on scenenet #trax .. we held compos as long as 5 minutes, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, and an hour.. though 45 and 30 seemed most popular (an hour seemed too long at the time). people like iv, mild, exokai, and even radix once, entered these.

these died out after awhile and on efnet, two-hour compos began, run by lizard. at the time, two hours to write a song seemed amazingly long to me, at the time, but it's not surprising that they leaned toward a two hour limit because most of efnet #trax at the time were a bunch of newbie trackers, removed from the demoscene / not knowing what the demoscene was at all.

for awhile in 1998, on scenenet #trax, amusic revived his 20mc (you might know the song "winter's dream" by necros--it was a remix of his 20mc tune, "blah blah" or something).. these only lasted for maybe a month, then he ran one 20dc (20 days compo) to write a massive chip tune. that only happened once, then all 20mc and 20dc compos died.

today, compos are still probably run on efnet #trax, though a whole lot are run (probably around 7+ a week) on espernet, in various channels. there is no #trax on espernet, though there is an #sstrax (about squaresoft music), #hellven (an espernet-based music group), and #traxinspace. so compos here are held in various locations by various people. they're just about all one-hour compos (see ohc), with a rare 30-minute compo run from time to time.

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compo n.

[demoscene] Finnish-originated slang for `competition'. Demo compos are held at a demoparty. The usual protocol is that several groups make demos for a compo, they are shown on a big screen, and then the party participants vote for the best one. Prizes (from sponsors and party entrance fees) are given. Standard compo formats include intro compos (4k or 64k demos), music compos, graphics compos, quick demo compos (build a demo within 4 hours for example), etc.

--The Jargon File version 4.3.1, ed. ESR, autonoded by rescdsk.

Com"po (?), n.; pl. - pos (#).

Short for Composition; -- used, esp. in England, colloq. in various trade applications; as :


A mortar made of sand and cement.


A carver's mixture of resin, whiting, and glue, used instead of plaster of Paris for ornamenting walls and cornices.


A composition for billiard balls.


A preparation of which printer's rollers are made.


A preparation used in currying leather.


Composition paid by a debtor.


© Webster 1913

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