Metamorf by zden/satori (Music by raiden)
ranked 5th at Fiasko'00 demo compo

If industrial demos existed, metamorf would be one of those. Similar in spirit to the productions by Coma, metamorf is a demo centered around the theme of distortion and corruption, using 2d decomposition effects to merge, distort, modify layers of industrial-inspired graphics and pictures. (such as pictures of factories, or industrial equipment)

The idea is interesting in the way that it's centered around the corruption of images we have often the habit to consider already corrupted. The 2d effects are original based on using square tiles for composing images.

The music is a lofi, completly distorded piece that fits perfectly the demo. Raiden's track here is a bit more 'regular' than distance's track for the Different Engine intro (also by zden)

All in all, an interesting production, if you are a bit open minded, and as zden says in the infofile, "fuck demos, let's art"

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