Jimi Tenor is a funky, freeky Warp Records artist. His music ranges from techno to loungy pop. His shit really funks me up.

Over the years, Jimi's music has moved from being pretty dark and electro-based to a more instrumental and jazzy style.

His voice is great too. He sounds something like Jarvis Cocker from Pulp sometimes.

Jimi's discography:

WARP LP60 (LP/CD) -- 1999
Jimi Tenor - Organism**

WAP 109 (EP/CD) -- 1998
Jimi Tenor - Venera EP**       the cover is in 3D (!)

WARP LP48 (LP/CD) -- 1997
Jimi Tenor - Intervision

WARP LP71 (LP/CD) -- (original 1995, rerelease1999
Jimi Tenor - Europa

WARP LP47 (LP/CD) -- (original 1994, rerelease 1997, 1999
Jimi Tenor - Sähkömies


Bad Vugum, Bad-28 -- 1992
Jimi Tenor and his Shamans: Fear of a Black Jesus

Unitor OY/Poko Rekords -- 1990
Jimi Tenor and his Shamans: Mekanoid

Unitor OY/Poko Rekords -- 1989
Jimi Tenor and his Shamans: Diktafon

Unitor OY/Poko Rekords -- 1988
Jimi Tenor and his Shamans: Total Capacity of 215,6 Litres

and if I may... ** denotes 65535 recommends, hehe, even though I haven't heard half of this...

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