The first Finnish underground label concentrating on electronic music. Mainly due to Mika Vainio's unique (and extremely minimalistic) sound, the label gained a big cult following in the "techno" scene, and lots of international attention.

Sähkö (finnish for electricity) was formed in 1993, and released five 12"s during that year. 1994 was equally busy, but after that the rate has been considerably slower. So far there have been 17 releases, plus one "promo" CD and a short movie. Apart from Mika, his Pan sonic project and other finns, also international guests like Wolfgang Voigt (as Mike Ink) and Fred Giannelli (The Kooky Scientist) have released their stuff on the label.

Sähkö has two sub-labels Puu and Keys of Life, which put out more housier material. Puu also released the first Jimi Tenor records before he signed on to Warp in the UK.


Catalog#      Artist               Title                   Format
sähkö-001     Ø                    Röntgen                 12"
sähkö-002     Ø                    Kvantti                 12"
sähkö-003     Orchestra Guacamole  Saab 96                 12"
sähkö-004     Hertsi               Kohina                  12"
sähkö-005     Philus               pH                      12"
sähkö-006     Ø                    Metri                   CD
sähkö-007     Panasonic                                    12"
sähkö-008     Mike Ink             Rosenkranz              12"
sähkö-009     Kirlian              Porzellangasse Grooves  12"
sähkö-010     Sil Electronics      Tal-S                   12"
sähkö-011     Fred Giannelli       Telepathic Romance      CD
sähkö-012     Ø                    Olento                  CD
sähkö-013     Ø                    Tulkinta                CD
sähkö-014     Philus               Kolmio                  12"
sähkö-015     Philus               Tetra                   CD
sähkö-016     Freestyle Man feat.  Come to Dance           12"
              Irwin Berg                                   
sähkö-017     Bruce Gilbert &      Frequency Variation     LP
              Ron West
sahkopromo-1  Ø                    Snowcrash Soundtrack    CD
Hertsi was the former 3rd Pan(a)sonic member Sami Saari.
Orchestra Guacamole was a project of Mika Vainio and Jaakko Salovaara aka JS16. Salovaara is nowadays famous for being a producer for mainstream pop artists like Darude and Bomfunk MC's.

The older vinyl releases are very hard to find these days, since only 500-800 copies of each were pressed. A couple of reissues have been released, though.

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