A duo consisting of Finnish electronic music producers Mika Vainio and Ilpo Väisänen. Originally known as Panasonic, but changed its name after being threatened by Panasonic USA with a lawsuit in spring 1998.

The group was formed in 1993. The next year they were joined by Sami Salo and released their first EP on Sähkö Recordings. Salo left the group in 1996 in order to concentrate on his photographing career.

The chief of Blast First -label from the UK saw Pan sonic perform live in early 1995 at the Disobey club in New York (*) and immediately signed them on. To this date they have released four albums and four singles/EPs on Blast First, including a collaboration album & EP with Alan Vega of Suicide fame.

The duo has performed live all around the world, contributed to art installations and fashion shows and even recorded a live session with John Peel. In 1995 they used Jimmy Cauty's Audio Weapons Armoured Car System to play live in a car park in London. Their 1999 tour was unfortunately cut short due to Mika having a nervous breakdown.

Pan sonic's style is similar to Mika Vainio's solo stuff, but more rhythmic and accessible, especially in the later releases. Mika and Ilpo themselves call their music "horsemeat rockabilly", and say their influences include for example Pierre Henry, Throbbing Gristle and aforementioned Suicide.

Pan sonic uses a lot of homemade equipment to create their sounds. The devices are made exclusively for them by Jari Lehtinen, who could be called the third (or fourth) member of the group. Early on in their career, the guys worked and recorded in a dressing room of a sauna somewhere in Finland. Nowadays Mika & Ilpo live and work in Barcelona, Spain along with fellow musician Jimi Tenor and Sähkö Recordings boss Tommi Grönlund. They recently recorded music for an international Nissan Almeria ad campaign, and are currently working on a new album.

A full discography is available at:

(*) Some sources claim this happened in late 1994 at a club called Vox in England.

The irony of the forced name change from Panasonic to Pan Sonic was emphasized by the first album after the name change being called "A", i.e. the missing letter.

Their breakthrough came when they supported Swans on the latter's farewell tour. Mika Vainio participated on the debut album by Swans singer Michael Gira's "solo" project, The Body Lovers.

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