Fred Giannelli is a long-time Boston electronic musician and producer. He started out playing guitar in a high school band, and it was then that he put together a PAIA drum machine kit because they couldn't fit a drummer. He was a member of the post-industrial band Psychic TV, playing guitar, DJing, and programming synthesizers. He later met Dan Bell and recorded with Richie Hawtin, under "Spawn" on the Plus 8 label.

His most well known alias, The Kooky Scientist, was actually the name of a short film. A friend of his asked him to provide some of his work for the soundtrack, but the film was never made. He kept the name though, and has done Live PAs all over under the name Kooky Scientist, and released the album Unpopular Science on Plus 8.

He has produced a number of records released on his own label, Telepathic, under a variety of different pseudonyms. He still also builds kit-based modular equipment for himself and other musicians. It's quite hard to classify his music, he definitely has a style of his own.

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