a Finnish rock band that started as a hardcore-jazz orchestra and moved to a more mainstream direction. One of the most influental bands in Finland in the 90's. The name CMX is an abbreviation of Cloaca Maxima, the great sewer in ancient Rome.

Here's the complete discography of CMX.


Kolmikärki, published through Bad Vugum 1/1990
Veljeskunta, Bad Vugum 6/1991
Aurinko, Herodes/EMI 9/1992
Aura, Herodes/EMI 2/1994
Rautakantele, Herodes/EMI 3/1995
Discopolis, Herodes/EMI 11/1996
Cloaca Maxima(a triple-cd collection), Herodes/EMI 9/1997
Vainajala, Herodes/EMI 10/1998
Dinosaurus Stereophonicus(2-cd), Herodes/EMI 10/2000
Isohaara, Herodes/EMI 8/2002

Singles and EP's

Johannes Kastaja-EP, P. Tuotanto 1987
Raivo-EP(also on Kolmikärki-CD), Bad Vugum 1989
Tanssitauti(also on Veljeskunta-CD), Bad Vugum 1990
Musiikin ystävälliset kasvot, Bad Vugum 1991
Manalainen, Herodes/EMI 1992
Härjät, Herodes/EMI 1992
Ruoste, Herodes/EMI 1994
Kultanaamio, Herodes/EMI 1994
Pelasta Maailma, Herodes/EMI 1995
Nimetön, Herodes/EMI 10/1996
Aamutähti, Herodes/EMI 10/1996
Vallat ja väet, Herodes/EMI 1/1997
Siivekäs, Herodes/EMI 8/1997
Ainomieli '97, Herodes/EMI 11/1997
Musiikin ystävälliset kasvot +5, Sad Vugum 5/1998
Ei yksikään Herodes/EMI, 10/1998
Sillanrakentaja Herodes/EMI, 11/1998
Surunmurhaaja, Herodes/EMI, 3/1999
Myrskyn ratsut, Herodes/EMI, 8/2000
Jatkuu niinkuin sade, Herodes/EMI, 10/2000
Iliman pielet, Herodes/EMI, 1/2001
Meidän syntimme, Herodes/EMI 2/2001
Puuvertaus, Herodes/EMI 10/2001
Pohjoista Leveyttä, Herodes/EMI 6/2002
Minun sydämeni on särkynyt, Herodes/EMI 7/2002

Sources: www.njet.net/cmx

The original line-up (as on the album Kolmikärki) was A.W. Yrjänä (bass and vocals), Kari Suomalainen (guitars) and Pekka Kanniainen (drums). Suomalainen left before recording Veljeskunta and Janne Halmkrona (guitars) with Timo Rasio (guitars) joined. Years passed until Pekka Kanniainen left the band and was replaced by Tuomas Peippo as a drummer, first performing on Vainajala.

The first two albums were mostly hardcore punk with short songs, although a couple longer ones were also published. After that they calmed down a lot and made a few more peaceful, yet powerful recordings.

With the album Discopolis CMX tried something new - they combined electronic music with their rock with the aid of Illusion Rake of Ann Bell Fell. Their compilation, Cloaca Maxima was greeted with enthusiasm. Three CDs full of great music throughout their musical history stayed at the official Finnish Top 40 charts for a very long time.

Some people considered Vainajala a dissappointment because of the almost too peaceful and slow songs, but it seems that it was just a stepping stone for the next one: CMX's last album, Dinosaurus Stereophonicus was a giant leap towards more progressive music, which is fun as the band had been categorized as "progressive rock" years earlier.

Their next album, Isohaara (named after a dam in Torniojoki) will be out August 2nd 2002.

They made a radical, temporary decision of not organizing tours anymore. The fans misunderstood this as if they had completely quit having concerts, and thus the uproar was tremendous. Their "last" performance was at Ilosaarirock 1999 but in the summer of 2001 they returned to the stages.

CMX is one of the most renowned Finnish bands in its home country as well as in the few countries they have visited (for example, they had a tour with the Greek band Trypes).

Their homepage is located at http://njet.net/cmx/.

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