One of the most innovative composer from the demo scene. He was onced called dune, and composed with trackers the soundtrack from many of orange's intros. Nowadays he's doing idm and releases mp3s on He also started releasing music commercially, on labels such as kracfive, exogenic records, merck. Brothomstates recently appeared in a 'nesh' party together with Aphex Twin and Vladislav Delay, and got signed by the famous Warp label. Real name lassi nikko.

(appearing also on bStates' releases are antti koivisto and mikko karvonen (crankshaft / formerly known as yolk))

see also: lackluster, mellow-d

discography (excluding compilations and appearances)
brothomStates (Lassi Nikko), once known as dune from the group orange produces some of the greatest electronic/experimental music I have heard recently. The album Kobn-Tich-Ey is an inspired work which contains experiments in percussion and fragmented melodies. The main thrust of his music is percussive with complex beats and even more complex intermingling of percussion samples.

The best comparision of brothomStates with other artists is the music of Aphex Twin, Autechre and Photek.

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