A Finnish fast food chain. Known for their original and funny ads, as well as (IMHO) quite tasty hamburgers.
Too bad the prices are as high as in McDonalds. I wouldn't call the stuff they serve that healthy either, but it's junk food after all.

The name was most likely chosen to fool teens into thinking the chain was actually from the USA. Everybody knows that teenage Finns believe everything from America is cool, and domestic things suck.
The first ad campaigns were also oozing with sugar sweet images of American culture, but thankfully they have let go of that silly idea.

There used to be three Carrols "restaurants" in Hämeenlinna, which isn't anything like a huge metropolis. Because of tough competition with various other similar chains which had establishments nearby, one of the Carrols franchises was closed. Too bad, since I think they beat most of the other burger joints easily.
Update - March 6, 2002

On January 31, 2002 Kesko sold Carrols to Burger-In which owns the Hesburger chain of hamburger restaurants. As a result the establishments will be transformed into Hesburger franchises while all the 1500 Carrols employees supposedly get to keep their jobs. While there has been some talk of maybe serving certain Carrols products in the Hesburger restaurants later on, the chain will cease to exist. R.I.P.

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