°ShowDowN PrO° (I told myself not to put those ├╝berlame degree marks to the node title =) is a script for mIRC, written by [-ShaD-] at °ShowDowN PrO° SoftWare, Finland.

(Sorry, my head already hurts after writing all this odd capitalization. =)

It's shareware, and fairly popular and famous among mIRC users.

And, I daresay it's pretty infamous among users of other IRC clients.

Cool Talkers and Kicks: Spice up your chatting with cool text styles and kicks.

- from feature list

In earlier versions of ShowDown Pro, people who used the script tended to, ahem, stand up from among the crowd. They, without provocation, spammed the channels with weird high-bit characters and mIRC colors (the latter seems to be a disablable option these days). In other words, they looked pretty l33t.

What other stuff this script has? Well, feature list lists things like mass messages, mass invites, built in portscanner...

It has also some notorious features like war clones, channel takeover bots, and such. Oh, and the author of this script has used these features himself in ircnet...

"Editable Spell Checker: Checks your correct spelling and replaces ackronyms." (sic)

- from feature list

So, this is just the perfect tool for IRC k1dd13z. If you run EggDrop, there are couple of scripts around that detect ShowDown if you find some of the users get troublesome =)

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