For the past 30 years, Tavastia has been the rock club in Helsinki. And Finland to be quite honest.

Tavastia is located in the very centre of Helsinki and as the name implies (for those who speak the language), in the building of the Hämäläinen Osakunta. This also explains why the small restaurant stuck to Tavastia's side is called Ilves.

The club holds some 700 people and also includes a small cellar venue referred to as Semifinal. Tavastia's main hall contains the stage, several bars and a large "balcony" on the opposite wall. This place is ideal for enjoying the band and crowds especially if you wish to avoid the worst crowds.

There is absolutely nothing to see at Tavastia if there isn't a band on. And fortunately there is one almost every night. The main emphasis is on rock of all genres but in a country the size of Finland you cannot avoid running into techno, funk, reggae, etc. If the band works and the crowds are happy, the place will rock!

Semifinal typically hosts small underground bands with an alternative attitude and look. Unless you know what you're looking for, be prepared for surpises. Not that they're necessary bad surprises.

During its 30 of faithful service, Tavastia has become a significant part of popular culture and rock in Finland. The legendary men's room for artists would read like the Who's Who of rock since the seventies had not a certain band decided to paint it white. Obviously, they were not too welcome at Tavastia since.

That's enough to end a career over here, you know ;)

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