Texas Faggott is a Finnish dance outfit, producing psychedelic and goa trance, with a rare edge more akin to psychedelic rock or space-rock bands, such as Ozric Tentacles or Porcupine Tree.

Members of the band are Pentti Slayer, Tim Thick and Franciose Faggott.

A quote from their homepage gives a good impression of their state of mind:

"Once up on a time-slice in the year 1967, I was in the desert hunting for some lophophories, and afterall found enough for a non-sufficient, delirious dose. "

Worth a listen, even if you don't think you're into dance music.


12" vinyl:


  • Texas Faggott, Psy-Harmonics, 1999
  • Petoman's Peflett, Exogenic Records, 2000 (Exo CD 07)


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