A Finnish cable TV channel about the, um, "light" side of the entertainment. By the "younger generation" for the "younger generation".

They are heavily based on Helsinki, but seem to have programs from other big cities (I couldn't believe my eyes when they interviewed one musician from Oulu =)

They produce most of their content by themselves... Here are some of the topics they cover, and some of their programs about those topics:

  • Computer and console games news and reviews (Player, PC-Peliluola)
  • Music (why, of course!!!), including many programs such as Word! ("Verbal music"), Bubblegum (just what the name implies) and 666 Sekuntia (Metal - the program is actually longer than 10 minutes, btw =).
  • Movies (Movie File - reviews, Damage - DVD reviews)
  • Inttter Nettt things (URL)
  • Porn (Pornostara - sort of popular nightly program with news, interviews and video reviews)
  • Exxxxtreme sports and other insanities (Extreme Duudsonit)
  • Independently made movies and music (Lataamo)
  • Cooking (!) (Mustapippuri)

All in all, not a bad channel, just a bit amateurish in touch. =)

Actually, I think that some programs they run (particularly Movie File and the game programs) are often vastly better than their equivalents in MTV3 and other national "air" channels. Though, it doesn't take much to beat Tilt! and CyberNet what comes to game programs.

As for historical stuff... they were the first channel in Finland to run a "real TV" show, about 6 people locked into a TV studio without modern convinience (Huviretki).


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